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On their way to a picture shoot, an Indiana father is accused of killing his wife in front of their two children.

A father is charged with shooting his wife seven times in front of their two small children because he thought she was having an extramarital affair in their neighbourhood.

To the shooting death of his wife, 40-year-old Stacy Mondal, Mohammed Mondal is charged with murder, two counts of neglect of a dependent, and a felony firearm sentence enhancement, according to a statement made by the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

The probable cause statement states that Mohammed Mondal called Dearborn County Sgt. Kenneth McAllister, his neighbour, on Monday, Nov. 6, at around 11:50 a.m., claimed to have “accidentally shot his wife” in the left arm as a form of self-defence. It was said that Mondal sounded “panicked and upset.”

Mondal took his wife to the hospital by car, where police officers were waiting. A GMC Yukon XL was spotted by a deputy entering the parking area. According to reports, Stacy Mondal “slumped” in the passenger seat, a little black revolver on the floor next to her feet, and blood on her clothes. The deputies took Stacy Mondal to the hospital’s emergency room, where physicians and nurses attended to her. At 12:11 p.m., her death was announced.

Indiana Father’s Disturbing Account of Fatal Shooting During Family Photo Outing

The two children of the victim, who are two months and fourteen months old, were in the car with the defendant at the time, according to the probable cause statement. When Mohammed Mondal met with a deputy outside the hospital, he was allegedly “emotional and asked about the condition of his wife.” As stated in the probable cause statement, Mohammed Mondal informed the deputy that he had shot his wife in self-defence and that “Stacy was going for his gun.”

According to reports, Mohammed Mondal told officers that he and his spouse were headed to a J.C. Penney store to take pictures of their two kids. There had been “marital problems over the last few years,” he claimed, adding that he thought his wife had an affair with two or more guys in their community. He also thought his father-in-law and one of the men had been following him.

Mohammed Mondal’s wife allegedly slapped him with her cell phone after they got into an argument in the car. The suspect informed detectives that he shot his wife after reaching for his revolver. According to reports, Mohammed Mondal dialled 911, hung up, and then contacted McAllister.

Detectives informed Mondal that his wife had passed away in the hospital, and he declared for the very first time that Stacy raised the gun at him before he shot her,” according to the probable cause statement.

According to the probable cause statement, the victim’s autopsy found that she had seven gunshot wounds, with bullets striking her liver, lungs, and heart. On Thursday, Nov. 9, Mohammed Mondal is due in court for a hearing.


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