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Fire Erupts in Brooklyn Apartment with 6 Children Inside, Landlord Suspected

A landlord is accused of lighting an apartment on fire because his tenants didn’t pay their rent, and he is facing several counts, including attempted murder.

The New York City Fire Department stated that Rafiqul Islam became enraged when his renters on the second level “stopped paying rent and refused to move out.” Two adults and six children were reportedly there when he allegedly set fire to an inside stairway at 212 Forbell St. The inhabitants made a safe escape. Neighbours and firefighters captured the children after the parents climbed to the roof, according to WCBS-TV.

Brooklyn Landlord Faces Multiple Charges, Including Attempted Murder and Arson

The fire department accuses Islam of having threatened to turn off the family’s gas and electricity in the past. As per several sources, he attempted to set the house on fire in case he didn’t get his rent.

Shortly before the initial 911 call was placed, a man wearing a mask and hood was seen entering and leaving the flat on video footage from the day and time of the event.

To identify the culprit, marshals undertook a thorough video surveillance effort spanning four weeks. The fire department said that during that inquiry, they saw a picture of Islam with his mask and hood down.

Islam was charged with eight charges of attempted murder, assault, and arson when he was checked into the New York City Department of Corrections on October 25. The matter will be brought to trial by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.




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