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Chinese Data Collection Firm Raises Concerns Over U.S. National Security

The potential national security concerns arising from a Chinese data collection firm called Logink, which is state-controlled. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could potentially use Logink’s extensive database, including logistics data related to U.S. commercial and military shipments, for espionage activities in the United States.

Chinese Data Collection Firm, Logink Raises U.S. Security Concerns. (Photo: The Cradle)

How Logink’s State-Controlled Status Sparks National Security Concerns Amid Rising Chinese Data Collection Firm Cyber Threats

According to the article of NTD, a Chinese data collection firm, Logink, has recently come under scrutiny for its potential role in aiding espionage activities conducted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the United States. The concern arises from Logink’s state-controlled status, which implies that the Chinese regime may have access to its extensive database, including sensitive logistics data related to U.S. commercial and military shipments. This development comes at a time when Chinese malware is reportedly posing a significant threat to U.S. networks, prompting concerns over national security.

Logink, as a state-controlled entity, presents a troubling prospect for U.S. authorities. The vast amount of logistics data it collects could potentially be leveraged by the CCP for intelligence purposes, raising concerns about the security of critical supply chains and sensitive military operations. The possibility of the Chinese regime having access to such information underscores the need for heightened vigilance in safeguarding sensitive data.

Simultaneously, the United States faces mounting cybersecurity challenges from Chinese malware that poses a threat to the integrity of U.S. networks. The proliferation of malicious software originating from China has raised alarm bells within the U.S. cybersecurity community, demanding proactive measures to counter these threats.

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Former Department of Defense Cybersecurity Official John Mills Highlights Risks of Chinese Data Firm Logink and Growing Concerns Over U.S. Network Defense

Based on the article of US Department of State, the Chinese Communist Party or the CCP is currently viewed as a major global threat, as it pursues its own ambitions at the expense of global stability. Despite attempts to defend its actions, the People’s Republic of China, controlled by the CCP, is not seen as a responsible global citizen.

NTD spoke with John Mills, a former cybersecurity official at the Department of Defense. Mills’ insights provide valuable context on the potential risks associated with Logink’s data collection activities and the broader challenge of defending U.S. networks against cyber threats emanating from China.

In the interview, John Mills explains that Chinese data collection firm has raised alarms among security experts, who point out that having access to logistics data, especially related to worldwide shipping, could provide a significant advantage to the Chinese regime in monitoring U.S. military activities. Understanding global shipping flows is seen as crucial in deciphering U.S. military actions, making this issue a matter of considerable concern.

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