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Woman Arrested for Alleged Targeting Brother-in-Law Murder-for-Hire Plot

The shocking and disturbing case of Reshma Massarone, a woman accused of attempting to hire a hitman to assassinate her brother-in-law , the alleged exploitation of a dying relative, and the dramatic turn of events that ultimately led to her arrest.

Bank manager from New York was taken into custody for allegedly plotting to murder her brother-in-law. (Photo: MEAWW)

Bank Manager’s Shocking Murder-for-Hire Arrest

Daily Mail – Reshma Massarone, a 39-year-old bank manager from Hudson Valley, New York, found herself in hot water last month when she was arrested for allegedly attempting to hire a hitman to eliminate her brother-in-law. The shocking incident unfolded in Manhattan Federal Court, revealing a deeply unsettling family feud.

In July, Massarone reportedly offered an undisclosed acquaintance a substantial sum of $10,000 to carry out the sinister task while her brother-in-law was on a family trip to their native country, Guyana. Court documents reveal that Massarone communicated with the potential hitman through Facebook, urging him to “take care of business and be a rich man.” She even wired $2,500 to the individual, who claimed he would stage the murder to appear as a botched robbery.

However, fate took an unexpected turn when, just one day before the planned assassination, the intended victim was informed of the plot. Together with the whistleblower, he sought refuge at the US embassy, promptly alerting authorities. The brother-in-law disclosed that he and Massarone were embroiled in a protracted civil litigation matter pending in New York, potentially linked to a restraining order she had previously filed against him, which a judge had dismissed.

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The Story Behind Reshma Massarone’s Murder-for-Hire Arrest

According to the article of NY Breaking News, amidst the distressing narrative of the brother-in-law murder for hire plot, the story reveals the underlying human elements that have torn apart Reshma Massarone’s family. The rift had been brewing for months, fueled by accusations that she had taken advantage of a vulnerable, dying relative by securing an insurance policy in their name. Within her own family circle, this behavior had prompted harsh criticism and strong condemnations. On social media platforms, relatives did not hesitate to label her as evil, pointing to a history of alleged mistreatment and exploitation that had persisted for an extended period.

Massarone’s interaction with the New York legal system adds layers to her story. Her turbulent connection with her former employer, a bank, surfaced as she initiated lawsuits twice within the last two years, alleging racial discrimination. However, both legal battles ended with judges dismissing her claims, casting a shadow over her litigation history.

Recognizing the gravity of the allegations and the potential threat to the community, a judge deemed it necessary to detain Massarone without bail. This decision underscores the seriousness of the charges against her and the broader repercussions her alleged actions have triggered.

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