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Safety Concerns Prompt Temporary Removal of Correctional Body-Worn Cameras

Safety Concerns Prompt Temporary Removal of Correctional Body-Worn Cameras

All 3,000 city Department of Correction body-worn cameras were removed on Saturday following an incident where an officer’s camera ignited at the Rikers Island correctional facility, as reported by The Post. Calls for Safety Review Follow Camera Ignition The incident, which occurred on Friday, involved a captain’s body camera catching fire, prompting calls from unions … Read more

Illinois Pension Peril Lawmakers Navigate Stormy Seas Amid Financial Uncertainty

Illinois Governor Proposes Ambitious Pension Reform Amid Financial Crisis Concerns Mount Over Rising Pension Costs and Last-Minute Changes in Illinois Strategy According to the center square, Illinois Governor Pritzker wants to make big changes to how the state handles pensions. He aims to increase the funding goal to 100% by 2048. Right now Illinois has … Read more

Governor Evers Boosts Child Care Aid, Vetoes Other Tax Credits in Wisconsin

In a move aimed at bolstering support for working families, Governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin has signed a bill to increase aid to families utilizing child care services in the state. The governor’s decision comes amidst a series of vetoes on GOP-backed tax credit bills, signaling a focus on prioritizing child care assistance over other … Read more

FBI Raids Homes of Mayor Eric Adams’ Top Aide: Shockwaves Through New York City

Federal agents conducted early-morning raids at two Bronx addresses owned by Winnie Greco, a top adviser to New York City Mayor Eric Adams and a former fundraiser for his 2021 campaign, who currently serves as a special advisor of Asian Affairs. The purpose of these raids confirmed by an FBI spokesperson remains undisclosed further deepening … Read more

Dispute Over Governor’s Rebate Program

Arizona Attorney General Challenges IRS Tax Decision Dispute Over Governor’s Rebate Program According to Thomson Reuters. Arizona’s Attorney General, Kristin Mayes is upset with the IRS because they want to tax a one-time rebate for people in Arizona with kids. Mayes thinks the IRS decision is not fair to Arizona and its people. The rebate … Read more

Chad’s TikTok Jest Amidst Mother’s Sentencing: Lack of Remorse on Display Ruby Franke’s Sentencing: Tears and Apologies as Justice Is Served   According to MailOnline, three days prior to Ruby Franke’s sentencing, her son Chad took to TikTok to jest about his mother’s impending imprisonment, while a YouTuber was sentenced to 30 years for child … Read more

Donte DiVincenzo Poised to Overtake Evan Fournier’s Knicks 3-Point Record

In a turn of events that could reshape a notable piece of New York Knicks history, Evan Fournier’s tenure as the franchise’s 3-point record holder may be short-lived as Donte DiVincenzo closes in on eclipsing the mark. During the 2021-22 season, Fournier etched his name in Knicks lore by accumulating 241 treys, setting a single-season … Read more

Human Remains Identified as Missing Marine in Abandoned Mississippi Home

Forensic genealogists have successfully identified the human remains discovered in an abandoned home in Mississippi as those of Gary Lockhart, a former U.S. Marine who went missing a decade ago. In March 2023, authorities from the Jackson Police Department uncovered skeletal remains at a residence on Cooper Road. Despite confirming the remains as male, investigators … Read more