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Social Security Reform: Lawmakers and Financial Experts Work Together in Determining the Future of Retirement Benefits

Social security benefits loom to exhaustion by 2023, or sooner. Social security reforms demanded by experts. Lawmakers and financial experts’ continual debate on the future of social security creates a looming concern for future seniors on the state of their retirement benefits. Congress is still opening its doors for social security reform proposals that will … Read more

Top Happiest Cities in US—Revealed!

Check out the top happiest cities in US. While money cannot always buy happiness, recent data reveals that moving to a new place may result in an improved quality of life. The environment, wealth, community, and general well-being of its residents differ widely among American cities. According to research, money can lead to happiness in … Read more

A CEO’s Annual Compensation is Equivalent to Five Lifetimes Worth of Employee Work According to a Report

The employee’s salary is significantly lower compared to that of their employer. Despite that CEO pay experienced a slight decrease from the previous year, the decline was significantly smaller than the drop in stock prices during the same timeframe. The average CEO of S&P 500 companies earned a significant amount of $16.7 million in compensation … Read more