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Who Is Bella Hadid’s Boyfriend? Find Out Everything About Their Relationship

Bella Hadid is dating someone new. Months after her breakup with art director Marc Kalman, the supermodel was spotted holding hands and sharing kisses with cowboy Adan Banuelos in October 2023 at the Fort Worth Stockyards in the Texas city. The pair was spotted visiting multiple stores together, even dressing the same in jeans and boots.

Who Is Bella Hadid’s New Boyfriend?

Although it appears that the connection is very young, we go over everything we know about the fortunate man right here. Horseman Banuelos is of Mexican-American descent. Ascencion Banuelos, the first Mexican-American to be inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame, is his father. He resides in Forth Worth, Texas. Banuelos is not your typical horseback rider; in fact, he is well-known in the equestrian community. He became one of the youngest entrants into the National Cutting Horse Association Rider Hall of Fame in 2017 and won the NCHA Futurity Open Championship in 2020.

All About Bella Hadid’s New Boyfriend

In addition to his accomplishments as a performance horseman, he is currently an expert in cutting horse training and displaying. He instructs bikers as well. Though it’s unknown, Hadid is known to adore horses. She rode competitively as a child and only recently resumed after a break brought on by Lyme disease. Despite having her megastar status as a result of her modeling profession, Hadid and Banuelos might be acquainted through their competitive horseback riding circles. Hadid published some pictures in January that showed her experience competing in the Limited Amateur class of an NCHA competition while riding Metallic Tito, a bay roan stallion.

One of her favorite pictures was of herself and Banuelos holding hands and grinning with excitement. The same post included a video in which Hadid is seen riding a horse while Banuelos, who is also mounted, observes her from the sidelines. The supermodel formally declared their relationship in February 2024 by sharing a heartfelt Valentine’s Day message to her Instagram Story. In the photo, Banuelos is seen riding a horse and holding hands with Hadid, who is leaning against a fence. He is dressed in jeans, a black baseball helmet, and a denim button-up. She’s dressed in brown cowboy boots, bootcut jeans, a green camo cap, and a black graphic T-shirt.

Bella Hadid’s Public Appearance With Banuelos

Hadid posted pictures and videos from her October 9, 2023, 27th birthday celebration on February 16, 2024. She makes appearances alongside Banuelos in a few of them, dressing in matching chic cowboy attire. In one scene in particular, Hadid leans in to kiss her partner while they are seated at a ranch table. She looks amazing in a black belt with a large silver heart-shaped buckle, black leather boots, and a blue denim bustier top. Banuelos has a brown belt with a gold buckle, black blue pants, and a striped light blue button-down shirt. They both wear similar black cowboy hats as accessories.

To support her man, Hadid will be at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas on March 8, 2024, for The American Performance Horseman by Teton Ridge. When Banuelos participates in several Western equestrian activities, she is all giggles, smiles, and applause. She appropriately dressed in a brown cowboy hat, black leather trousers, a black choker necklace with a silver horseshoe-shaped charm, and a dazzling brown camisole top. Her natural hair and glowy cosmetics make her seem stunning. Following his performance, Banuelos and Hadid are photographed, looking incredibly romantic. She strokes his face, he holds her at the arms and waist, and they look lovingly into each other’s eyes. Wearing dark wash trousers, a black button-down shirt, and a matching hat, Banuelos exudes the image of a cowboy.

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