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Donte DiVincenzo Poised to Overtake Evan Fournier’s Knicks 3-Point Record

In a turn of events that could reshape a notable piece of New York Knicks history, Evan Fournier’s tenure as the franchise’s 3-point record holder may be short-lived as Donte DiVincenzo closes in on eclipsing the mark.

Donte DiVincenzo Poised to Overtake Evan Fournier's Knicks 3-Point Record
Donte DiVincenzo Poised to Overtake Evan Fournier’s Knicks 3-Point Record

During the 2021-22 season, Fournier etched his name in Knicks lore by accumulating 241 treys, setting a single-season record for the team. However, with DiVincenzo’s steady performance from beyond the arc, Fournier acknowledges that his record is likely to be surpassed soon.

DiVincenzo, currently playing for the Knicks, has amassed 172 3-pointers heading into the latest matchup against the Pistons. With an average of 3.1 made 3-pointers per game, he is on track to exceed Fournier’s record if he maintains his current pace, projected to reach 248 by the season’s end.

The impending record-breaking achievement underscores DiVincenzo’s prowess as a sharpshooter, boasting a 41.5 percent shooting accuracy from long range, surpassing Fournier’s 38.9 percent clip during his record-setting season.

Reflecting on his time with the Knicks, Fournier’s stint was a mix of highs and lows. While he cherished memorable moments like dropping 32 points in his debut game against the Celtics, his tenure was marred by periods of benching due to defensive shortcomings, signaling a desire for a change of scenery to revitalize his career.

Fournier’s departure to the Pistons marked a new chapter, where despite the team’s struggles, he finds himself in a more significant role, contributing more minutes and points than during his time with the Knicks.

While Fournier’s record may soon be surpassed, he remains philosophical about the situation, emphasizing personal growth and cherishing off-court experiences during his time in New York, including the birth of his second child and relishing the vibrant lifestyle the city offered.

As DiVincenzo inches closer to etching his name in Knicks history books, the impending record-breaking feat adds another layer of excitement to the ongoing NBA season, showcasing the dynamic nature of sports records and the relentless pursuit of excellence by players across the league.

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