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$7 Billion in Penalties Paid: Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Taxes in 2023

Penalty Payback: IRS Hands Out Record-Breaking $7 Billion in Fines for Late Taxes Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Taxes: How Interest Rate Hikes Are Fueling Record-Breaking Penalties According to WashingtonExaminer, The IRS has given out a record-breaking $7 billion in penalties for not paying taxes on time. Most of these penalties went to freelancers and … Read more

Remote Work Revolution: St. Louis City Agrees to Refund $75 Million to Pandemic Work-from-Home Employees

Pandemic Work-from-Home Workers to Receive Refunds from the City of St. Louis City to Pay Back Millions to Remote Workers Who Paid Earnings Taxes According to Washington Examiner, The city of St. Louis has agreed to give back money to people who worked from home during the pandemic and paid taxes on their earnings. This … Read more

Claim Your Share: IRS Alerts Late Fi Billion in Unclaimed Refunds

IRS Alerts Nearly 1 Million Americans: Claim Your Share of $1 Billion in Refunds Deadline Looms: Late Filers Can Still Claim 2020 Tax Refunds Before Friday Cut-Off According to WashingtonExaminer, The IRS wants to remind nearly a million Americans about their 2020 tax returns. They say around 940,000 people could get back over $1 billion … Read more