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US Accused China and Russia of Blocking Unified UN Response to North Korea’s Missile Launches

US Accused China and Russia for obstructing a unified response within the UN Security Council regarding North Korea’s missile launches and the significant concern, underscoring the urgency of addressing North Korea’s actions, particularly its attempt to launch a spy satellite using ballistic missile technology.

US accused China and Russia: Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US representative to the United Nations, situated at the UN headquarters in New York (Photo: UPI)

US Accused China and Russia of Impeding Unified Action on North Korea’s Missile Activities

South China Morning Post – In a recent development, the US accused China and Russia of obstructing efforts to establish a unified response within the UN Security Council concerning North Korea’s missile launches. This accusation follows North Korea’s latest attempt to launch a spy satellite into space using ballistic missile technology. During an emergency Security Council meeting, 13 out of the 15 members expressed condemnation for Pyongyang’s actions, highlighting the urgency of the situation.

US Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, expressed frustration over the lack of cohesion within the Security Council, emphasizing that the issue of North Korea’s missile launches should be a unifying concern that is why US accused China and Russia. She criticized both country for their persistent obstructionism, attributing the council’s inability to address the matter effectively to their actions.

Thomas-Greenfield further underlined the growing nuclear threat posed by North Korea. As a result, US accused China and Russia for failing to fulfill their responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security.

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UN Debates as North Korea’s Missile Launches Spark Accusations and Defense

According to the article of The Japan Times, Amidst the unfolding diplomatic discourse, the US accused China and Russia of influencing North Korea’s aggressive stance, suggesting that the continuous military exercises carried out by the US in conjunction with South Korea played a role. Chinese and Russian envoys redirected blame towards the United States, contending that North Korea’s posture was a direct consequence of these joint drills. In response to mounting tensions, North Korea has been proactive in justifying its missile launches, including its recent satellite attempt, by framing them as defensive measures against perceived threats.

Thomas-Greenfield went on to emphasize how North Korea’s trajectory towards militarization seems to be fueled by a blend of oppression and cruelty. These attributes poses a substantial and palpable global hazard to peace. As the international community collectively grapples with the intricate task of addressing North Korea’s maneuvers, the ongoing discord within the Security Council becomes a poignant illustration of the intricate challenge faced in formulating a cohesive and unified strategy. This strategy is aimed at effectively counteracting and containing the steadily growing menace that the US accused China and Russia of contributing to the threat posed by North Korea’s missile launches.

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