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Arkansas Teen Arrested After Triple Homicide

Authorities in Arkansas have apprehended a 15-year-old male in connection with a tragic incident that resulted in the deaths of three individuals, including a teenager. The horrifying discovery unfolded over the weekend, sending shockwaves through the community. Emergency responders were dispatched to a residence on Pryor Drive following reports of a structure fire on Saturday, … Read more

Woman Arrested in California for Allegedly Kidnapping Her 8 Children from Arkansas

In a shocking incident, a woman displaying “bizarre behavior” in Northern California has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping her eight children from their foster homes in Arkansas. The children, who were reported as abducted from Arkansas, were found in the custody of their biological mother, who had lost custodial rights. The Anderson Police Department received … Read more

Arkansas Father Named as Suspect in Brutal 42-Year-Old Cold Case of Sibling Murders

Texarkana, Arkansas – In a significant breakthrough, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has identified a suspect in a chilling 42-year-old cold case involving the brutal murder of two siblings, Karen Alexander and her brother, Gordon Alexander. The case, which dates back to 1981, recently saw the emergence of new evidence, shedding light on the heinous … Read more

Most Dangerous Cities In Arkansas After Dark: Discover Crime Hotspots Inside The Natural State

Discover some of the most dangerous cities in Arkansas that you should be aware of if you are planning a trip in the state. Arkansas is recognized for having a large number of parks and wilderness areas with scenery that includes caves, hot springs, rivers and mountains. However, there are areas that are considered as … Read more

Most Dangerous Cities in Arkansas: Beyond The Charm Of The State

Read to discover some of the most dangerous cities in Arkansas. The Mississippi River borders Arkansas, a landlocked state in the South Central region of the country. This state is well known for its stunning parks and natural areas with scenery that includes hot springs, rivers and mountains. Read on to discover some of the … Read more