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Arkansas Father Named as Suspect in Brutal 42-Year-Old Cold Case of Sibling Murders

Texarkana, Arkansas – In a significant breakthrough, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has identified a suspect in a chilling 42-year-old cold case involving the brutal murder of two siblings, Karen Alexander and her brother, Gordon Alexander. The case, which dates back to 1981, recently saw the emergence of new evidence, shedding light on the heinous crime.

Arkansas, Cold Case, Murder, Siblings, Suspect
Arkansas, Cold Case, Murder, Siblings, Suspect

The investigation began on April 8, 1981, when Weldon Alexander, the father of the victims, returned home from work and discovered his screen and front doors slightly ajar. Inside, he found his 13-year-old son Gordon dead in the kitchen. He then found his 14-year-old daughter Karen, who had been brutally attacked and sexually assaulted, in a coma near the living room area. Although Karen was transported to the hospital, she tragically succumbed to her injuries three days later.

The case took a twist in 1993 when serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, known as the “Confession Killer,” claimed responsibility for the murders. However, due to a lack of evidence, no charges were brought against him.

The case remained unsolved for decades until Captain Calvin Seward, a retired detective from the Texarkana Police Department, reopened the investigation in February 2022. Seward, along with forensic criminologist Dr. Todd Steffy and DNA scientist Kelli Dixon from the Arkansas State Crime Lab, examined new DNA samples. They compared DNA from Karen and Gordon’s fingernails to the evidence found at the scene. This analysis revealed traces of materials commonly used at Weldon Alexander’s workplace, strongly linking him to the crime scene.

Investigators also discovered Weldon’s semen on Karen’s bed covers, indicating that she had been sexually assaulted in the hours leading up to her tragic death. The investigation suggests that Karen may have endured sexual assault for about six months before her murder.

Through their painstaking efforts, investigators concluded that both siblings had been stabbed on the night of April 7, 1981, at approximately 11 p.m., just before Weldon left for his work shift. Astonishingly, the teens were found wearing the same clothes they had on since April 7. The murder weapon was identified as a butter knife, likely from the kitchen of the Alexander home, as no DNA evidence from an outsider was found at the scene.

In a press conference, Chief of Police Michael Kramm stated, “It is our hope that the friends and remaining family of Gordon and Karen Alexander may find some peace in knowing that scientific and circumstantial evidence has been revealed sufficient to resolve this 42-year-old case.”

However, despite identifying Weldon Alexander as the prime suspect, it was revealed that he passed away in 2014. The case highlights the importance of relentless pursuit of justice, even in cases spanning decades. Though the suspect may never face the consequences of his alleged actions, the closure provided to the victims’ family is invaluable.

This revelation marks a significant step forward in a long-unsolved case, offering some solace to those affected by the tragic loss of Karen and Gordon Alexander.

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