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San Diego County Unveils Ambitious $8.5 Billion Budget Amidst Integrity and Equity Emphasis

San Diego County Proposes $8.5 Billion Budget for Upcoming Year

Board of Supervisors Emphasizes Integrity and Equity in $8.5 Billion Spending Plan

San Diego County revealed its plan for spending in the coming year, totaling $8.5 billion. This is a big jump from what they spent this year. Unlike the city council and school district, the county isn’t facing big cuts; instead, they’re increasing spending by over $300 million. If the Board of Supervisors agrees, this budget will start on July 1 and guide most of the county’s spending until June 2025.

The budget reflects what the Board of Supervisors thinks is important, like honesty, fairness, and taking care of everyone who lives in the county. It keeps paying for things we already have and adds money for new things, using information and ideas from the community to decide what to do. Most departments won’t lose any money, and some will even get more or have new positions.

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San Diego County Faces Concerns Over Long-Term Financial Stability Amidst Increased Spending Plans

Even though things look good financially, some people worry that spending more without enough money coming in might cause problems later. But county leaders believe in their plan, saying it’s crucial to keep investing in important services like helping people who are homeless, dealing with mental health issues, and making sure everyone can afford a place to live. As they hold meetings and workshops to hear what people think about the budget, the county wants to find the right balance between being smart with money and meeting the needs of all the different communities in San Diego County.

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