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Most Dangerous Cities in Massachusetts 2024: Small Towns with Big Risks Revealed

Discover the Most Dangerous Cities in Massachusetts: Insights from RoadSnacks Study

Unveiling the Riskiest Places in Massachusetts: RoadSnacks’ Analysis Reveals Surprising Findings

RoadSnacks found out which cities in Massachusetts are the most dangerous, according to the report of Southwest Journal. They looked at crime data from the FBI focusing on places with more than 5,000 Americans. The results showed that while Massachusetts has a lot of arson cases it’s not as bad for murders and serious assaults. Surprisingly, even small cities can have a lot of violent crimes. Springfield stands out as one of the most dangerous cities in the whole country. Although Massachusetts didn’t make it to the top ten most dangerous states list Americans are talking about whether it might be the riskiest state in New England. As Americans debate how to make things safer, it’s important for residents to pay attention to these findings and be aware of the risks in their own neighborhoods.

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7 Most Dangerous Cities in Massachusetts


Holyoke claims the title of the most dangerous city in Massachusetts for the third year straight. Situated near Springfield, Holyoke might look peaceful, but its crime rate is three times higher than the state average. In 2020, residents had a high chance of being victims of property crimes or violent crimes like assault and murder.


Springfield is known for Smith & Wesson and Dr. Seuss, is also known for its high crime rate. It had the highest violent crime rate in Massachusetts in 2020, with 18 murders reported. This means residents had a significant chance of experiencing violent crime.

North Adams

North Adams, despite its tourism and culture, has its own safety problems. It had the second highest burglary rate in Massachusetts in 2020 and a high rate of reported rapes. This shows that even in seemingly calm places, there can be serious safety issues.


Worcester is the second largest city in Massachusetts, had about one murder per month in 2020. Alongside that, there were over a thousand violent crimes reported. This shows that even big cities like Worcester face safety challenges.


Hadley is a small town near Springfield, isn’t immune to crime either. It had a high rate of reported rapes, making it one of the most dangerous places in Massachusetts.


Brockton is not far from Boston, has a rich history but also a high crime rate. It had the fifth highest violent crime rate in the state in 2020, with many incidents reported. This shows that even cities with strong communities can struggle with safety.


Boston is a bustling city with rich history, faces safety concerns. It had a high number of murders and sexual assaults in 2020, making it one of the most dangerous cities in Massachusetts. Despite these challenges, Boston continues to thrive.

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