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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Chicago 2024: Americans Seek Advanced Home Security Amid High Crime Rates

Chicago’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods 2024: Americans Turn to Advanced Home Security Amid High Crime Rates

Americans Prioritize Safety with Advanced Home Security Measures

In Chicago, where there are lots of Americans some neighborhoods have more crime. Even though Chicago is lively and busy crime is a big problem, according to the report of Southwest Journal. The crime rate here is most dangerous than in other places in the country especially when it comes to violent and property crimes like shootings. To stay safe many Americans are using advanced technology to protect their homes and families.

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6 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Chicago

Grand Crossing

In Grand Crossing a neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side with 32,217 residents crime worries happen every day. In 2020, the crime rate in Grand Crossing went really high to 8,724 incidents per 100,000 Americans which is 306% higher than the national average as Area Vibes said. Living or visiting Grand Crossing can feel tense because there are lots of violent crimes especially shootings.


Englewood on Chicago’s South Side with 25,858 Americans deals with big crime and money problems. In 2022, the crime rate here was 125% higher than the city’s average said I Sold My House. Violent crimes like robbery and assault happen often and there are too many murders and shootings. Even with all these problems Americans who grew up here talk about how they’re working together to make the neighborhood better.

East Garfield Park

In 2022, East Garfield Park had over 2,800 violent crimes and over 6,500 property crimes. Gun violence and gang activity are big problems here with over 77 shootings recorded in 2021 alone according to Paw Research Center. The total crime rate is really high at 10,195 crimes per 100,000 Americans which means there’s a 1 in 10 chance of being a crime victim.


Austin on the city’s West side is one of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods. In 2022, it ranked 11th in violent crime and 25th in property crime in the city. Despite these challenges Americans living here are working hard to fight crime and make life better in the neighborhood.

Washington Park

Washington Park has a severe struggle with crime. The violent crime rate here is really high 701% above the national average. The overall crime rate is also way higher than the national average which makes Americans feel unsafe all the time.

West Garfield Park

West Garfield Park on the city’s South Side is the most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago. The crime rates here are 379% higher than the city average so Americans have a 1 in 20 chance of being a victim of a violent crime. Gang activity is a big problem here. Even with all these challenges Americans are strong and trying to make their neighborhood better.

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