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Most Dangerous Cities in Wyoming: Surprising Crime Rates in Cheyenne and Casper Spark Concern

Wyoming’s Most Dangerous Cities Revealed: Cheyenne and Casper Face High Crime Rates

Surprising Crime Trends: Cheyenne and Casper Among Wyoming’s Most Dangerous Cities

Despite Wyoming beautiful landscapes some cities in the state are part of most dangerous cities in Wyoming, according to the report of Southwest Journal. Places like Cheyenne and Casper have a lot of crime. This news is surprising because Wyoming is known for its peacefulness. It’s important for people to know about these problems and work together to make these cities safer.

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7 Most Dangerous Cities in Wyoming


Riverton, Wyoming stays the most dangerous city in the state. Crime goes up both violent and property crimes. Even though Riverton has cool places like the Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site it’s not safe. It has the second-highest rates of sexual assault and murder in Wyoming. Riverton’s past has some bad stories like a scary murder trial that happened there.


Evansville in the Casper Metro Area is a big worry because of crime. Violent crime goes down, but property crime stays high. Americans might feel safe in places like Edness K. Wilkins State Park, but there’s still lots of burglaries happening.


Evanston has a problem with crime even though it’s pretty. It has the most sexual assault cases in Wyoming. Americans there don’t like to think about that. Evanston also has a lot of property crime making it tough for Americans to feel safe.


Casper is the second biggest city in Wyoming, but it’s still not safe. It’s the fifth most dangerous city. There’s too much murder and sexual assault happening. Plus lots of property crimes happen every day.


Powell has more crime now even though it’s in a nice part of Wyoming. Violent crime goes up and property crime doesn’t get much better. Americans in Powell worry about getting hurt because it’s not as safe as it used to be.


Torrington is small but not safe. It’s got the second-highest violent crime rate in Wyoming. Even though it’s a modest town crime is a big problem there. Americans and the police need to work together to make it safer.


Wheatland is a small town, but it’s got a big problem with burglary. It’s the highest in Wyoming. Even though it’s quiet Americans need to lock their doors to stay safe. Everyone needs to help out to keep Wheatland a safe place to live.

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