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Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania: Crime Hotspots Beyond Pittsburgh and Philadelphia

Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania: Crime Patterns Beyond Pittsburgh and Philadelphia

Pennsylvania’s Most Dangerous Cities 2024: Identifying Crime Hotspots Statewide

A new report just came out listing the ten most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania for 2024. It’s not just big cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia; danger is spread out across the state, according to the report of Southwest Journal. These places have a lot of crime like robberies and shootings happening almost every day. But even in these tough spots there are some neighborhoods trying to make things better. With so many people in Pennsylvania it’s important to be careful wherever you go.

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9 Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania

Darby Township

Darby Township is located southwest of downtown Philadelphia faces serious safety concerns as one of Pennsylvania’s most dangerous areas. Despite its small size it ranks seventh for violence in the state with high rates of murder and rape. Residents and visitors must stay alert in this community.

Swatara Township

Swatara Township though less violent deals with a lot of property crime especially theft. More than two property crimes happen every day on average making it crucial for residents to protect their belongings. The community continues efforts to maintain safety.


Wilkes-Barre is just a short drive from Scranton is the seventh most dangerous city in Pennsylvania. High rates of theft and break-ins pose challenges for residents. Despite efforts to address crime safety remains a concern in Wilkes-Barre.


Harrisburg is Pennsylvania’s capital struggles with violent crime including rape and murder earning it a spot among the state’s most dangerous cities. Residents face safety risks particularly in areas like Riverfront Park. Efforts to combat crime continue in Harrisburg.

New Kensington

New Kensington is northeast of Pittsburgh deals with frequent property crime like theft. Residents must be vigilant against porch theft and other crimes. Despite community efforts safety remains a priority in New Kensington.


Wilkinsburg has the state’s highest murder rate and faces challenges with property crime. The community and law enforcement work to address violent and property-related offenses.


Pottstown has a high rate of rape cases highlighting ongoing safety concerns. Despite lower violent crime property crime remains an issue. Community safety initiatives are in place.


McKeesport is near Pittsburgh is Pennsylvania’s second most dangerous city. Residents face high crime rates especially burglary. Enhanced security measures are essential in McKeesport.


Chester is Pennsylvania’s oldest city tops the list as the most dangerous. From burglary to murder crime poses significant threats to residents. Ongoing efforts are necessary to address violence and promote safety in Chester.

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