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Unveiling Pennsylvania’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities of 2024: Crime Statistics and Safety Challenges Across the State

Unveiling Crime Trends Beyond Pittsburgh and Philadelphia

A report has been made from Southwest Journal about the top five most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania for 2024. It shows that danger is not only in big cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia but also spreads across the state. These cities have faced many problems like robberies and shootings. Some areas are working hard to improve safety. Pennsylvania’s large population means trouble is common, making life complicated for many residents.

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Pennsylvania’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities of 2024

New Kensington

In New Kensington nestled along the Allegheny River residents are grappling with the harsh reality of crime statistics. With a startling 1 in 37 chance of experiencing property crime in 2020, the specter of porch pirates looms large over this community. Adding to the unease are the 65 reported violent crimes painting a grim picture of safety in the neighborhood. For the residents of New Kensington each week seems to bring another unfortunate incident leaving them wary of their surroundings.


Venturing to Wilkinsburg, the challenges faced by law enforcement come into sharp focus. With a population of 15,389, this borough wrestles with the highest murder rate in the state tallying 11 homicides in 2020 alone. Property crime compounds the issue with Wilkinsburg ranking third in burglary rates statewide. Despite its size of Wilkinsburg finds itself among the top five for both violent and property crime rates presenting a daunting reality for its residents and authorities alike.


Turning our attention to Pottstown, a troubling trend emerges despite comparatively lower violent crime rates. With just over 22,000 residents this borough contends with the second highest rate of reported rape cases in the state averaging three incidents per month. Coupled with a notable presence in property crime rankings. Pottstown faces significant challenges in addressing community safety. Perhaps artistic expression could serve as a catalyst for awareness as suggested by the contemplation of staging Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” at the local Steel River Playhouse.


McKeesport in southeast of Pittsburgh, the gravity of the situation becomes undeniable. Surpassing the national and state crime averages by 150% and 250%, respectively. This city stands as Pennsylvania’s second most dangerous locale. With seven murders in 2020 and a staggering burglary rate, McKeesport paints a stark portrait of urban insecurity. Against the backdrop of Renziehausen Park Rose Garden’s tranquility, residents grapple with the harsh realities of daily life in a high-crime environment.


Our journey commences in Chester as the historic city nestled within the greater Philadelphia area. Despite its age wisdom seems to have eluded Chester and it contends with alarming crime statistics. Ranking second in burglary rates and murders per capita, this city of just under 34,000 residents faces significant challenges in ensuring public safety. From the shadow of the casino and racetrack where fortunes rise and fall, to the streets where violence and property crime prevail. Chester grapples with its reputation as one of Pennsylvania’s most violent locales.

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