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6-Year’s-Old Died and Kidnapped – Christopher Clements Conviction

Christopher Clements Receives Second Life Sentence for Isabel Celis’s Death

Breakthrough Discovery Connection Found Between Two Tragic Cases in Tucson

According to Truce Crime, a courtroom in Tucson Arizona a man named Christopher Clements got a second life sentence for causing the death of 6-year-old Isabel Celis. He was already serving life for another crime. This sad story started in 2012 when Isabel Celis disappeared from her home. The police searched for years and in 2017 they found out Christopher Clements might be responsible. They found Isabel Celis’s body where they found another girl’s body years ago.

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Christopher Clements Conviction for Kidnapping and Killing 6-Year’s-Old (PHOTO: AZCentral)

Father’s Heartache After Defendant’s Denial and Judge’s Decisive Ruling

In court, Isabel Celis’s dad shared his sadness and guilt for not protecting his daughter. Christopher Clements said he didn’t do it but he was still punished. The judge said he’ll never get out of prison because Christopher Clements is too dangerous. The city’s lawyer said this was important to keep the community safe. Tucson feels sad about losing two kids but hopes this brings some closure and helps everyone heal.

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