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Most Dangerous Cities in Colorado: Crime Surges Despite Stunning Landscapes

Most Dangerous Cities in Colorado: Rising Crime Threatens State’s Scenic Appeal

Colorado’s Growing Crime Woes: Car Thefts Surge, Making State Most Dangerous in U.S.

Despite Colorado beautiful sights and more Americans moving in there’s a problem with crime getting worse, according to the report of Southwest Journal. While tourists enjoy places like big hot springs and tall sand dunes the state’s population keeps growing reaching 5.8 million by 2022. But alongside this growth there’s been a big increase in car thefts making Colorado number one most dangerous in the country for this crime. Also Colorado’s second in the nation for property crimes showing there’s trouble lurking behind the state’s scenic views.

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7 Most Dangerous Cities in Colorado


Sheridan is where crime rates earn it a C-grade residents face a higher risk than in many other cities. With 30.33 crimes per 1000 Americans caution is advised especially in areas like the north side where the risk of crime is higher. Theft and vehicle theft are prevalent prompting locals to lock up their cars and avoid leaving valuables within sight to minimize risks, particularly in vulnerable areas.


Glendale is known for its elevated crime rate sees incidents occurring approximately every two days and two hours. With 20.87 violent crimes and 183.66 property crimes per 1000 residents caution is paramount. Residents note that the southeast area offers relatively better safety compared to the northeast where the risk of crime is higher. Vigilance and awareness of surroundings are recommended to mitigate risks particularly in areas prone to criminal activity.


Pueblo crime rates soar surpassing those of the vast majority of communities in the state. With a staggering 70 crimes per 1000 inhabitants caution is imperative especially in the south and east sides notably the Bessemer neighborhoods. The high likelihood of property crime at 1 in 14 underscores the need for heightened vigilance and security measures to protect both residents and visitors.


Alamosa grapples with one of the nation’s highest crime rates with 59 crimes per 1000 residents. Despite its smaller population the city faces significant challenges with residents and visitors exposed to a heightened risk of violent and property crimes. To mitigate risks maintaining awareness of surroundings and avoiding unfamiliar areas are crucial, while traveling in groups particularly at night offers added safety.

La Junta

La Junta is plagued by an average crime rate of 84.67 per 1000 inhabitants faces safety challenges especially in central neighborhoods where the risk of crime is notably higher. While the violent crime rate may be lower than the national average property crimes exceed it significantly. Securely locking car doors and windows and investing in home security systems are essential precautions in safeguarding against crime in La Junta.


Aurora is known for its alarming crime statistics records a concerning number of offenses particularly in property and violent crime categories. Ranking among the state’s most hazardous cities visitors are advised to exercise extra caution. Awareness of surroundings and sticking to well-lit areas can help mitigate risks while touring with locals familiar with safer routes can provide added security in potentially risky areas.

Grand Junction

Grand Junction is where criminal incidents occur frequently caution is advised as crime rates surpass those of an average U.S. city. With a crime frequency of 49 per 1000 inhabitants residents face elevated risks despite the city’s relatively smaller population. Vigilance and precautionary measures such as securing belongings and avoiding risky areas are essential in safeguarding against crime in Grand Junction.

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