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50,000 Philly Residents Missing Out on $100 Million in Tax Credits – Get Free Tax Help Now!

Philly Workers Missing Out on $100 Million in Tax Credits: Experts Urge Free Tax Help

Philly Experts Highlight Free Tax Credits Assistance for Low-Income Workers

On Tax Day, it’s been said that Philly workers are not getting about $100 million they could, according to the published article of WHYY. That’s because some 50,000 Americans with low income don’t get a special tax credit. This means they’re not getting as much money back when they file their taxes by the deadline which is midnight on Monday, April 15. Experts are saying there are lots of places in Philly where you can get help for free to do your taxes. You don’t have to pay anyone to help you like those tax companies. 

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The Campaign for Working Families Offers Tax Help Hotline: Answering 23,000 Calls Last Year

The Campaign for Working Families runs a phone line where you can call to ask questions about taxes. Last year, they answered about 23,000 calls. They want to help Americans understand taxes better and make sure everyone gets what they’re supposed to. If you need help, you can call them at 215-454-6483.

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