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21,000 Kentucky Kids at Risk: House Bill 367 Threatens SNAP Benefits and School Meals!

Kentucky Schools Concerned About Proposed SNAP Restrictions

Potential Ramifications for School Meal Programs

According to NKY Tribune, Kentucky schools are worried about House Bill 367, which wants to make it harder for people to get SNAP benefits. House Bill 367 would make it so only families with very low incomes can get help. Tracy Pulley from Fulton Independent Schools says many kids in her district rely on free school meals and take-home food boxes. If House Bill 367 bill passes it could also mean less money for school meal programs making student hunger worse.

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21,000 Kentucky Kids at Risk: House Bill 367 Threatens SNAP Benefits and School Meals! (PHOTO: Heartland Signal)

Concerns Over House Bill 367‘s Potential Impact on Kentucky Students

People are against House Bill 367 because they think it will cause big problems for schools and kids. Jay Brewer, who runs Dayton Independent Schools, is worried about how it will affect SNAP enrollment and a program that gives free meals to students. If House Bill 367 passes over 21,000 students in Kentucky could lose SNAP benefits and that might make it harder for them to get enough food, especially if they depend on school meals. Even though some people say House Bill 367 will save money and help those who need it others think it will hurt kids in Kentucky. Right now, House Bill 367l is stuck in a Senate committee but it could still become a law. People want to make sure they understand how it might affect kids and find ways to help them get enough food.

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