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Savannah Chrisley Wants Todd And Julie, Her Parents, To Be Released From Prison By “Summer”

Savannah Chrisley is determined that her parents, Julie and Todd, will be released from prison as soon as possible. In an interview that was published on Thursday, March 14, Savannah, 26, expressed excitement for their appeal on April 19. “I hope to have them home later this summer.” Savannah has been occupied parenting her two siblings who are younger than her, Chloe, 11, and Grayson, 17, as well as speaking up for her parents on social media after their alleged sentencing in 2023.

She Might Become A Lawyer

According to Savannah, she was merely attempting to accomplish everything. “It’s a full-time job raising 17 and 11-year-olds, working and attempting to build a life for them, and battling lawyers day in & day out to get my parents back home.” She went on to say that she intends to proceed in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps and attend law school if her parents can return home soon so she may carry on advocating for people who lack a voice.

She said, “If my mom arrives home, I would.” “I promised Grayson that I might carry it out. Thus, it would be Mom and Chloe if Mom returned, and I would return to school and pursue my legal career if both Mom and Dad did. It is never past time to pursue your aspirations. By the time I’m thirty or thirty-two, I might just become a lawyer. 2019 saw the initial indictment of Todd, 54, and Julie, 51, on allegations of tax evasion, wire and bank fraud, and conspiracy. The Chrisley Knows Best pair was found convicted in June 2022 following a protracted trial. After almost six months, the real estate tycoon was given a 12-year prison term, and his spouse was given a seven-year sentence. The pair has continued to act innocently.

Current Situation Is Not The Final Destination

In January 2023, both individuals reported for their prison terms. Todd started doing his time at the minimum security FPC Pensacola in Florida, and Julie started hers at the Federal Medical Centre in Lexington, Kentucky. Their sentences were shortened in 2023; Todd is currently serving ten years, whereas Julie will spend five. In a prerecorded episode of the “Chrisley Confessions” podcast from January that was released after he was sent to prison, Todd stated, “I think that’s why I’m in an even better place together with it, as I know the present situation is not my ultimate destination.” “I am aware that for a brief while, this might be my destiny, but I additionally have hope that the legal system will make things right.

Savannah became passionate about advocacy not long after she saw her parents incarcerated. “Why do we let folks down so often? In November 2022, she stated on her podcast “Unlocked” that it splits families apart. “Observe all that we are experiencing. Is that fair? Not when there are rapists, killers, traffickers, and all these other people here, but still? They merely receive a warning. She went on, “It all comes down to someone trying to make a point and us being within the public view. It’s quite depressing. Currently, I feel as though I’ve kind of grown numb to it, but that feeling numb has evolved into rage, to the point that it seems as though I’m not giving up. There’s no other choice.

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