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Boebert’s Ex-Husband Faces Formal Charges After Alleged Family Incidents

Denver7 recently reported that Jayson Boebert, ex-husband of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, is facing formal charges related to two separate family incidents in Garfield County. The charges include disorderly conduct, trespass, obstructing a peace officer, harassment, assault, and weapon use while drunk. The incidents involve arguments with Lauren at a Silt restaurant on Jan. 6 and an alleged assault on their son Tyler on Jan. 9, where Jayson reportedly grabbed a rifle.

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Restaurant Incident

Formal charges filed against Jayson Boebert include disorderly conduct and trespass following a reported altercation with Lauren at a Silt restaurant. The incident on Jan. 6 escalated to an alleged drunken outburst when officers intervened.

Despite Lauren being cleared of domestic violence claims, Jayson faces a misdemeanor for obstructing a peace officer during the restaurant incident.

Boebert is set to appear in Garfield County Court on Monday for charges related to this encounter.

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Domestic Assault

Separate charges, including assault and harassment, were filed against Jayson for an incident on Jan. 9, where he allegedly assaulted his son Tyler after returning home from a Silt bar.

Arresting documents claim Jayson hit his son and later grabbed a rifle, prompting Tyler to call law enforcement for help.

Released on the same day, Jayson is scheduled to face both sets of charges in Garfield County Court on Monday.

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