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Iran Denounces U.S. Move to Blacklist Yemen’s Houthi Group as ‘Provocative’

Iran strongly criticized the United States for designating Yemen’s Houthi group as a “terrorist organization” deeming the move as “provocative”, according to People’s Daily Online. The condemnation came from Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani, who linked the decision to perceived U.S. support for Israel’s actions in Gaza. The U.S. re-designation of the Houthi group is set to take effect in 30 days, sparking tensions in the region.

Photo form The Wall Street Journal

Iran’s Strong Rebuke

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani condemned the U.S. move, describing it as “condemned and provocative,” accusing the U.S. of supporting Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Kanaani asserted that the U.S. decision would not deter the Yemeni people’s support for the oppressed in Gaza and blamed U.S. backing of Israel for instability in West Asia and the Red Sea.

The Houthi group’s attacks on Red Sea ships prompted the U.S. to form a task force, leading to airstrikes on Houthi targets. U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan cited threats to military forces as the reason for the designation.

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Historical Context and Reversibility

The Houthi group was previously designated a terrorist group in January 2021 under Trump but had the designation revoked by Biden in February 2021.

U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan mentioned the possibility of reversing the decision if Houthi attacks cease, linking the designation to threats on U.S. military forces and international vessels.

Tensions persist in the region as Iran urges the U.S. to cease support for Israel, emphasizing the impact on stability in the Red Sea and West Asia.

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