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China Unveils World’s Largest Onshore Wind Facility in Inner Mongolia

China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC) has announced the full operational capacity of China’s largest onshore wind power facility in Inner Mongolia. With 701 turbines boasting a 3 GW capacity, the project aims to produce over 10 billion kWh of electricity annually.

Renewable Milestone in Inner Mongolia

Commencing construction in 2020, the Inner Mongolia project, focused on renewable energy initiatives, marks a significant milestone in China’s commitment to sustainable power generation.

China’s Dominance in Wind Power

China’s standing as the world’s leading wind power producer is reinforced by the International Energy Agency, citing the addition of 40 GW of net capacity in 2022. The country contributed more than half of the global capacity added last year, accounting for 52% of the 68.8 GW increase.

Ambitious Targets by 2030

Aligned with President Xi Jinping’s vision to peak carbon emissions by 2030, China aims to achieve a total wind and solar capacity of at least 1,200 GW. The nation’s prowess in wind turbine manufacturing is evident, constituting 60% of the global capacity in 2023, per the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

Global Wind Power Outlook

GWEC forecasts a surge in onshore wind power, expecting an annual addition of 100 GW by 2024. Additionally, offshore wind is anticipated to surpass 25 GW in a single year by 2025. Key growth regions include China, Europe, and the US, contributing over 80% of the projected 550 GW additional capacity over the next five years.

Short-Term Challenges and Long-Term Optimism

Wood Mackenzie acknowledges short-term obstacles in offshore wind installation, such as financial challenges in the US and slower project approvals in China. Despite this, the consultancy maintains a positive long-term outlook, anticipating robust global market fundamentals.

China’s Role in Onshore Wind Installation

Wood Mackenzie projects China to lead global onshore wind installations in the near future. Although facing short-term hurdles, China’s commitment to renewable energy aligns with its ambitious goals, as emphasized by the National Development and Reform Commission’s plan to build 450 GW of solar and wind capacity in desert regions.

China’s Sustainable Energy Drive

China’s strides in renewable energy, particularly wind power, showcase its dedication to environmental sustainability. As the nation continues to lead in capacity additions and manufacturing, it remains a pivotal force in shaping the global landscape of clean energy.

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