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Prepare for a Bit of a Cold Snap Before the Warmth Returns with Rain

As the night unfolds, brace yourself for temperatures much lower than what we’re used to. It’s going to be a chilly night, but there’s a silver lining – a warm-up is on its way, bringing with it the promise of light rain in the coming days.

Stay Informed Anywhere, Anytime

In the fast-paced world we live in, staying informed about the weather is crucial. To keep yourself updated on the latest developments, especially between newscasts, consider downloading the WVLT First Alert Weather app on your iPhone or Android device. Not only does it offer personalized videos, but you also have the option to receive timely updates on current weather conditions and predictions.

Frosty Mornings and Record Lows

This morning, patches of frost greeted some areas where the wind had come to a halt or slowed down. Knoxville experienced a particularly chilly start, plummeting to 27 degrees. Athens recorded a low of 21, Middlesboro 24, and Crossville 27 degrees.

Chilly Tuesday with a Northwest Wind

Tuesday promises sunshine but comes with a chilly breeze ranging from 5 to 10 mph out of the northwest. Occasionally, the wind may gust up to 15 to 20 mph, especially in the morning and early afternoon. It might feel five degrees colder due to these winds, so keep that coat on – the temperature will only reach about 41 degrees!

A Colder Night Ahead

As night falls, expect even colder weather as the winds pick back up. Temperatures could drop to about 22 degrees, setting the stage for a hard frost with clear skies and little to no wind.

Warmer Winds on Wednesday

Wednesday brings back the winds, but this time, they carry warmer air. Despite the wind, the day is expected to be sunny, peaking at around 50 degrees.

Scattered Clouds and Moderate Temperatures on Thursday

Thursday will see more scattered clouds and milder temperatures, ranging from just below freezing in the morning to approximately 56 degrees in the afternoon.

Rainy Days Ahead

Prepare for intermittent rain starting on Friday, as per your First Alert 8-Day Planner. This front brings breezy weather, moderate temperatures, and a 60% coverage of showers in the morning and early afternoon. The rain coverage decreases after the initial burst, offering a break on Saturday. However, showers return on Saturday night, continuing through Sunday. As Monday approaches, the showers taper off, making way for colder air once again.

In summary, it’s a weather rollercoaster ahead – from chilly nights to rainy days, be prepared for the twists and turns of the forecast. Stay informed and stay warm!

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