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Chicago Snowfall Complicates Post-Thanksgiving Travel Rush

After an extended weekend filled with festivities and family gatherings, the post-holiday travel rush is underway. Thousands of individuals are making their way back home, utilizing both Amtrak trains and airports to navigate the busy travel period.

Surge in Travelers

According to Chicago airport officials, Sunday is expected to be the busiest day, with an estimated 300,000 travellers passing through O’Hare and Midway airports combined. This represents an increase in travel compared to last year, with O’Hare anticipating a 1.5% rise in passengers and Midway seeing a 1% increase. Airline projections indicate that over 226,000 passengers will pass through O’Hare on Sunday, while Midway expects nearly 60,000 travellers.

Amtrak’s Busiest Season

Amtrak also experiences its busiest travel period around Thanksgiving, with an increase in passengers on their trains. Their busiest day typically falls on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

AAA Data Confirms Sunday Peak

AAA data aligns with the bustling Sunday trend, highlighting it as the busiest day for travel as most individuals opt for returning home after the holiday celebrations. Additionally, Monday remains a popular day for return flights.

Winter Weather Advisory

Amidst the travel rush, CBS 2 Meteorologist Robb Ellis has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Sunday, with the possibility of one to two inches of snow, with potential for higher accumulation in certain areas. Travelers are advised to allow extra time for their journeys to ensure safe and timely arrival at their destinations.

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