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Day Care Disturbance: South Carolina Women Arrested for Allegedly Encouraging Child Fights

This week, two daycare workers were taken into custody on several counts after it was alleged that they encouraged their charges’ younger siblings to fight at school.

The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office reported that Serena Caldwell, 56, and Ericka Jones, 27, brought themselves in on Thursday, Nov. 9, as part of an ongoing investigation into events that may have happened at the daycare centre Kids Unlimited of Prosperity. Both Jones and Caldwell were accused of encouraging a minor’s misbehaviour and exposing a child to inappropriate behaviour. Caldwell has 15 counts against Jones’ 14.

After making an appearance before a judge, they were both let out of the Newberry County Jail.

Day Care Workers Fired and Released, Shocking Community and Authorities

Sheriff Lee Foster told WIS-TV that Caldwell and Jones “allowed the violence to proceed without correction” and that they “allegedly encouraged and instructed students to fight or exhibit violence toward other students.” Owner John David Dawkins of Kids Unlimited claimed in a statement that Jones and Caldwell were “immediately terminated” from their jobs at the school.

WLTX-TV says. The ages of the youngsters involved were three and four.

Foster said to WLTX that Caldwell and Jones “pushed other students, or other clients of the daycare, to use violence to try to punish a child or make another child compliant.” Foster described the behaviour¬†as “abhorrent,” saying, “I just don’t understand why you would do this.”

WIS data sets Foster stated, “We’ve had daycare providers abuse children, and we’ve had daycare providers who may have gone too far in their discipline, but nothing like this. This is something I have never seen in my life.”


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