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Florida Couple Accused of Torturing Teen Girl in ‘House of Horrors’ Released from Custody

According to a report and county records, a Florida couple accused of torturing a teenage girl for years by carrying her and dousing her in boiling water at a place that the prosecution referred to as a “house of horrors” appear to have been released from detention.

The Miami Herald reports that Latricia Elizabeth Crawley, 46, and Benjamin Deztuan Lockett, 43, the girl’s guardians, were detained and charged on Wednesday with aggravated child abuse and neglecting a child with great damage to the body.

On a $25,000 bond, Crawley was released from custody, according to the journal.

Additionally, Lockett is not identified as a prisoner in a search of the Broward County jail conducted on the sheriff’s department website on Saturday.

Florida Girl Abused by Guardians: State Takes Custody

The Florida Department of Child and Family Services is in charge of the girl.
According to investigators, the youngster had been abused by the pair since they took on the role of her guardians in 2014.
She was made to sleep in a closet and had cold water thrown on her to wake her up.
Prosecutors added that the girl was fed so seldom that police said her bones were protruding around her spine. She also had to discharge herself in a bucket and occasionally was made to kneel on rice, which left wounds on her knees.


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