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Attorney Alex Murdaugh Seeks New Trial in Wife and Son Murders Case – South Carolina

On the 28th of October After being found guilty of the murders of his wife and adult son, disgraced former attorney Alex Murdaugh has officially filed a motion for a new trial in South Carolina.

Murdaugh, who filed the request in Colleton County, South Carolina was convicted of murder in March for the shooting deaths of his wife Margaret and adult son Paul in 2021 following a trial that highlighted details of Murdaugh’s financial crimes against clients and significant drug usage.

He continued to claim innocence in the killings throughout.

Alex Murdaugh Seeks New Trial, Alleges Jury Manipulation in Murder Case

Murdaugh’s attorneys said in the filing that a new trial was required due to jury manipulation in the case.
They stated in the motion that “the court must grant a new trial when those facts are proven.”
Originating from a well-known legal and political family in South Carolina, Murdaugh claimed the jury was coerced into returning a guilty judgment quickly while removing a juror who was thought to be biased in his favour.

The double life sentence and convictions were appealed by the defence, who requested a postponement of the appeal so they could present their fresh trial motion. An appeals court in South Carolina granted the appeal hold earlier this month.

Murdaugh pleaded guilty pleas in September to 22 federal financial fraud crimes involving millions of dollars and clients, his law company, and other people who trusted him for over ten years.

He was accused of collecting legal fees on nonexistent annuities and of transferring money to his accounts without his clients’ consent. Federal investigators accused Murdaugh of money laundering, wire fraud, and bank fraud in May for allegedly rerouting settlement money.

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