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Want To Know Anything About Bank Subcharge? Check It Here!

Many customers are unaware that banks have begun adding bank surcharge to several essential services.

Want To Know Anything About Bank Subcharge? Check It Here! (Photo: Bajaj Finserv)

You must take all possible bank surcharge considerations when deciding which bank to trust your money with.

Customers should take precautions to prevent additional bank surcharge.

Some of these bank surcharge take place when you request an additional service, but the majority of the bank surcharge are automatic in nature and may be concealed from the average consumer.

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Here’s a comprehensive list of all the additional fees and bank surcharge from the U.S. Sun that you should be aware of at your preferred bank.


Customers should be informed that even though TD Bank ranks as the 11th largest US bank by assets, the company charges monthly fees if your account balance falls below a particular point.

As long as there is more than $100 in the account, all Convenience Checking accounts are exempt from the $15 monthly fee.

Otherwise, at the end of the month, TD Bank will charge $15 for any account with less than $100 in deposited funds.

The bank refers to this as a monthly maintenance charge.

Keep in mind that if you’re between the ages of 17 and 23, you can avoid paying this cost.



Unfortunately, Bank of America charges a comparable fee.

Customers with combined balances under $10,000 will be charged a $25 fee each month.

Customers of the bank with checking accounts must also pay a $30 fee to stop a payment.



Citibank charges an additional cost to customers who don’t make their monthly credit card payments on time.

It’s advisable to make sure the bank receives your payment on time because every late payment carries a $41 additional fee.

If you make a payment for your Citi credit card and it is later returned for whatever reason, the same fee will be applied.

If you are having trouble paying the account in full, think about making only the minimum payment; however, keep in mind that doing so will increase the interest.

Additionally, you can request that Citibank waive your late fee, but there is no assurance that they will agree.



Chase charges a $34 overdraft fee, similar to the other banks, but there is a way to get around it. Chase won’t charge you if your transaction doesn’t overdraw the account by more than $50.

Customers who bring the overdraft amount below the cutoff the following working day will not be charged by Chase.

If your account doesn’t get regular $500 installments, you can also be charged $12 each month. However, if you start each day with a balance of at least $1,500, you can prevent this.

Alternatively, you might have a $5,000 average balance across this account and your other Chase eligible accounts.

If you use an ATM that is not a Chase in the US, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands, you will also be charged $3.

If you don’t book your flight through a certain website, American Airlines has also tapped an additional cost. And if you take a ride in a particular state, Uber will charge extra.

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