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Are You The Next Arizona Lottery Winner? Check Your Tickets Now If You Played The Pick Lottery Game

Who is the lucky Arizona lottery winner this time? Is it you who won the $2.4 million?

Are You The Next Arizona Lottery Winner? Check Your Tickets Now If You Played The Pick Lottery Game (Photo: 12News)

Check your pockets, go through that stack of documents, search through your car consoles, and look under your couch cushions! You might be the next Arizona lottery winner who won $2.4 million after a petrol station in south Central Arizona sold a winning lottery ticket over the weekend.

A winning lottery ticket was purchased over the weekend at a petrol station in south central Arizona making the Arizona lottery winner $2.4 million richer.

According to the Arizona Republic, an affiliate of the USA TODAY Network, the winning ticket for The Pick Jackpot on Saturday was purchased by the Arizona lottery winner at a QuikTrip on Southern Avenue in Tempe.

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The winning numbers of the Arizona lottery winner for the Arizona Lottery’s drawing on September 9 are: 8 12 19 23 34 44.

Officials stated that the ticket holder who is the Arizona lottery winner had 180 days to claim the award.

According to lottery authorities, the overall odds of winning a cash reward and becoming an Arizona lottery winner in the game are about 1 in 39. On Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights, the drawings take place.

Another Arizona lottery winner won $10,000 on Friday from a Mega Millions ticket bought at the Shell on Power Road in Mesa.

According to Arizona Lottery statistics, since April 2023 smaller awards totaling $270,000 as well as three significant jackpot prizes have gone unclaimed by the Arizona lottery winner.

A winning The Pick Lottery game ticket for $2.4 million was sold for the drawing on September 9 among those jackpot prizes won by an Arizona lottery winner. One Fantasy 5 jackpot ticket got a share of a $55,000 jackpot while another Fantasy 5 jackpot ticket won a prize worth $144,000.

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