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Record Levels Of Rainfall Cause Major Flooding In Madrid, Spain

Record levels of rainfall happened in Spain over the weekend.

Record Levels Of Rainfall Cause Major Flooding In Madrid, Spain (Photo: Yahoo News)

Over the weekend, Madrid, Spain had record levels of rainfall that caused floods, postponed a soccer match in the Spanish league and at least two fatalities.

On Sunday, Madrid’s mayor, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, urged residents to stay inside as the city’s capital prepared for heavy record levels of rainfall and storms. 

Flash floods caused by the record levels of rainfall delayed drivers and swept away cars after months of an unprecedented drought.

The Madrid region, the province of Toledo and the city of Cadiz were all warned to expect the possibility of extreme risk of record levels of rainfall on Sunday by Spain’s national weather office, AEMET. 

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On Monday the agency decreased the alert level to yellow despite the possibility of diminishing record levels of rainfall.

According to The Associated Press, Almeida stated that it was likely that Madrid’s 1972 record levels of rainfall of 87 liters per square meter will be exceeded. 

Almeida posted on X, the successor to Twitter, asking Madrid residents to stay inside because of the distinctive and abnormal circumstances, in which record levels of rainfall will be broken.

Residents in Madrid received text messages from the emergency services telling them to stay at home and refrain from driving. 

After months of heat and drought in Spain, the areas that had the heaviest record levels of rainfall were Madrid and Castilla-La-Mancha.

According to local media, at least two people are dead and one is missing due to the record levels of rainfall.

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