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Weather Alert: Another Record Heat Is Ahead This Labor Day

Record heat continues to scorch this Monday. 

Weather Alert: Another Record Heat Is Ahead This Labor Day (Photo: Reuters)

Labor Day is going to be another record heat day. High temperatures will get close to low to mid-90s.

Fire risk will increase as a result of hot, dry weather and breezy circumstances brought by record heat. 

Due to the record heat, the SE portion of Wisconsin has been declared to be in Extremely High Fire Danger by the Wisconsin DNR. 

This holiday weekend, outdoor burning is not advised due to record heat.

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On Sunday, Milwaukee reached 95°, tying the previous record heat of 95° for September 3rd, last set in 1939.

Lows will barely dip into the 70s over the course of the night with mostly clear skies. 

Milwaukee’s record heat high for a Monday is 92 degrees; it was last surpassed in 1990. It appears likely that we will break or tie that record heat on Monday. 

When making your Labor Day plans, keep record heat safety in mind. Take breaks in the air conditioning, drink plenty of water, and look after your pets. Check on your neighbors and acquaintances who don’t have air conditioning as well. 

With record heat highs in the 90s on Tuesday, it will continue to be warm, but it may get a little cooler around the lake in the afternoon. 

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