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Brush Fire In Lahaina, Hawaii Prompted Maui Authorities To Evacuate Residents

A brush fire in Lahaina blazed 4 hectares.

Brush Fire In Lahaina, Hawaii Prompted Maui Authorities To Evacuate Residents (Photo: Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization)

Authorities on Maui were forced to evacuate residents on Saturday due to a brush fire in Lahaina. This neighborhood is only a few miles from the area that has lately been devastated by fires.

According to John Heggie, a representative from the Joint Information Center of Maui County, firefighters utilized a helicopter and hoses on the ground to put out the brush fire in Lahaina.

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency said that an evacuation order had been issued for a residential area of Lahaina in the hills above Kaanapali resort hotels. 

The agency stated in a statement on X, the social networking website that replaced Twitter, that the order was for a region near Anapuni Loop.

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On Instagram, Maui County advised evacuees to avoid the area until it was safe to return because firefighters were still working there even though the brush fire in Lahaina was no longer a threat.

On August 8, a wildfire tore through the center of Lahaina, killing at least 115 people and destroying 2,000 buildings. 

Strong trade winds that were partly fuelled by Hurricane Dora, which passed about 500 miles south of Maui, exacerbated that brush fire in Lahaina.

On Saturday afternoon, the National Weather Service predicted breezes of 3 to 8 mph for Lahaina.

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