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UAW Members Voted To Authorize a Strike in Contract Negotiations with Automakers

The members of UAW voted to authorize a strike action in the midst of contract negotiations with major automakers General Motors, Ford Motor, and Stellantis as well as the strong support for the union’s decision to potentially use strikes as a negotiation tool, evidenced by the high percentage of approval from the members.

United Auto Workers members overwhelmingly granted union leaders and voted to authorize a strike during ongoing contract negotiations with General Motors, Ford Motor and Stellantis. (Photo: Vox)

UAW Members Approve and Voted To Authorize a Strike in Contract Negotiations

CNBC – United Auto Workers (UAW) members have granted their leaders the authority and voted to authorize a strike during ongoing contract talks with major automakers General Motors, Ford Motor, and Stellantis. The recent vote, with an average of 97% approval across the three automakers, demonstrates strong support for potential strike action.

The “strike authorization vote” is a procedural step in negotiations, not a guarantee of strikes. UAW President Shawn Fain clarified that the primary goal is fair agreements, but strikes are being prepared for if necessary. Fain’s transparency about the union’s readiness to use strikes as leverage sets a distinct tone from past negotiations. The union’s demands for higher wages, restored pensions, cost-of-living adjustments, shorter workweeks, and enhanced retiree benefits mark a departure from prior negotiations. The members who voted to authorize a strike reflects their willingness to stand behind these demands.

The UAW’s demands in these negotiations significantly surpass those of previous contract discussions. Key priorities include a remarkable 46% wage increase, reinstatement of traditional pensions, cost-of-living adjustments, reduction of the workweek to 32 hours, and bolstering retiree benefits. The approval percentages from the members who voted to authorize a strike are as follows: Ford saw 98% of hourly workers and 99% of salaried workers voting in favor, GM passed with 96% approval, and Stellantis received approval from 95% of voters. Specifics regarding voter turnout and remaining vote tallies have yet to be disclosed.

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UAW Members Overwhelmingly Voted To Authorize a Strike Amid Contract Talks with Automakers

USA Today – It’s vital to emphasize that the workers who voted to authorize a strike doesn’t ensure an impending strike but rather furnishes the union with the prerogative to call for one if constructive tentative agreements can’t be achieved.

Harley Shaiken, a professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, weighed in on the results, describing the expected yet significant vote as an indicator of substantial member backing for the audacious demands presented by the new union leadership. While strikes remain a possibility, the UAW’s substantial strike fund of over $825 million and its members’ overwhelming support for strike authorization indicate their readiness to navigate negotiations with the industry.

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