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Kevin Hart’s Injury Update After Taking up on Stevan Ridley’s Challenge for a 40-Yard Dash

Former NFL running back Stevan Ridley found himself at the center of a light-hearted controversy surrounding comedian Kevin Hart’s  recent wheelchair-bound predicament. While the blame game ensued, it appears that Hart’s unfortunate injury may have more to do with a friendly challenge gone awry than anything else.

Kevin Hart’s injury update after he agrees on Stevan Riley’s challenge to a race. (Photo: Sporting News)

Kevin Hart Takes on Stevan Ridley in a Playful 40-Yard Dash Challenge

Based on the article of New York Post, the whole thing started about Kevin Hart’s injury is when he decided to take up Stevan Ridley’s offer for a 40-yard dash. This turned into a good-natured argument about who’s faster between the two. Now, Ridley, taking a page out of Tom Brady’s book, thought this idea was pretty doable. He even took to Instagram with a bit of a grin and said, “I saw Tom Brady do it at your age, so I figured you had the juice too, big bro.”

Now, Ridley’s mention of Brady isn’t just random. He and Brady were teammates for a solid four seasons back when they both played for the New England Patriots. Funny thing is, Ridley got to be part of two Super Bowl journeys during that time, although bad luck in the form of injuries kept him from actually playing in either of those championship showdowns.

Despite all the back-and-forth teasing, it’s pretty clear that Kevin Hart’s injury isn’t something Ridley or Brady should take the fall for. Kevin Hart’s injury, as he explained himself, the whole shebang in a video he shared online. He said, “Me and Stevan, we got into a little debate… I’m pretty fast.” And with his competitive side in high gear, Kevin Hart, mentioning his injury, accepted the challenge.

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Kevin Hart’s Race Ends in Injury

As things turned out, the outcome of the race wasn’t exactly in Kevin Hart’s favor. In fact, it was captured on camera and even got some slow-motion treatment, showcasing Kevin Hart’s injury, courtesy of the NFL’s Twitter account. And yep, you guessed it, that slow-mo moment, showing Kevin Hart’s injury, is exactly when Hart got injured—ouch, that had to hurt.

According to CBS Sports, Kevin Hart’s injury ended up straining and tearing quite a bit, including his lower abdomen and abductor muscles. We’re not sure how long it’ll take for Kevin Hart’s injury to heal and for him to get back on his feet, but considering what he’s dealing with, it might be a few weeks of wheelchair-bound life. But for now, this little showdown and Kevin Hart’s injury serves as a reminder that challenging someone who’s got a decade on you, especially when they used to be an NFL running back like Ridley, might not be the best game plan.

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