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Simon Biles and the Struggle for Recognition in Gymnastics’ Valuation of Excellence

The struggle for recognition of Simone Biles’ exceptional gymnastic skills and the International Gymnastics Federation’s (FIG) undervaluation of those skills.

FIG’s approach of assigning lower scores to Biles’ groundbreaking feats, such as the Yurchenko double pike vault, despite her careful and deliberate approach to mastering these skills and the struggle for recognition (Photo: Wall Street Journal)

Simone Biles, FIG, and the Battle for Equitable Gymnastics Valuation

USA TODAY – Simone Biles, a four-time Olympic champion and gymnastics trailblazer, is once again challenging the norms of her sport in the struggle for recognition. However, the International Gymnastics Federation’s response to her extraordinary skills raises questions about fairness and the spirit of competition.

Despite Biles’ commitment to pushing her own limits while maintaining a meticulous and deliberate approach, FIG’s undervaluation of her groundbreaking feats, such as the Yurchenko double pike vault, has sparked controversy. The federation’s seemingly unjust treatment risks stifling innovation and exceptionalism, ultimately dampening the essence of the sport and the struggle for recognition.

Biles’ coaches and supporters argue that gymnasts like her deserve recognition and appropriate scoring for their unmatched feats. In a field where skills are assigned numerical values based on their difficulty, Biles’ Yurchenko double pike, a move so challenging that few even attempt it, has not received its rightful value. While FIG cites safety concerns as a reason for not awarding higher scores, critics believe that this approach unfairly limits the potential of gymnasts like Biles who have embraced the open-ended scoring system to its fullest in the struggle for recognition.

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Simone Biles’ Triumphs, the Struggle for Recognition and the Unjust Standard

According to SALON, just last week, gymnastics superstar Simone Biles astounded the world once again by performing the Yurchenko double pike at the U.S. Classic. This move, which no other woman has attempted in competition due to its extreme difficulty, highlighted Biles’ unparalleled skill and innovation. However, the gymnast’s excellence has yet again been underscored by the sport’s judges who failed to reward her accordingly, intensifying the frustration associated with the struggle for recognition. Biles executed the Yurchenko double pike flawlessly, but her score did not reflect the remarkable level of difficulty involved, amplifying the struggle for recognition.

The undervaluation of Biles’ groundbreaking routines and moves isn’t a new phenomenon. Throughout her career, she has consistently outperformed her peers, attempting feats that seemed impossible just years ago. Yet, instead of being celebrated and acknowledged for these accomplishments, Biles has often faced scoring that doesn’t do justice to her extraordinary abilities.

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