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Trump Opts for Carlson Interview Over GOP Debate Amid Ukraine Focus

 In the Carlson interview, Tucker Carlson praised leaders like Putin and faced criticism for favorably portraying figures like Viktor Orbán.

Six GOP candidates were featured, including Carlson. (Photo: Google)

The New York Times covered an Iowa Christian presidential forum orchestrated by a conservative evangelical influencer, hosting the Carlson interview with six GOP candidates.

According to an article published by AlterNet, the New York Times reported on an Iowa Christian presidential forum organized by a conservative evangelical influencer, where the Carlson Interview took place with six GOP candidates. The event had a focus on Russia and Ukraine, with Carlson Interview portraying Ukraine as the bad actor instead of Russia.

Mike Pence, a former Vice President, was questioned by Carlson Interview about Ukraine’s lack of American tanks, and Carlson Interview labeled Ukraine an American “client state,” making controversial remarks about its Jewish leader and accusing Pence of being deceived.

Former President Donald Trump chose not to attend the event but participated in a pre-recorded interview with Carlson Interview instead of the first 2024 GOP presidential debate.

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Tucker Carlson has previously expressed admiration for strong leaders, including Putin, and has been criticized for his favorable coverage of authoritarian regimes like Hungary’s Viktor Orbán.

According to an article published by RawStory, in Hungary, the Carlson interview seemed to support Russia’s stance on the conflict in Ukraine, labeling it as “the NATO war against Russia.”

He met with Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić, who has a unique perspective due to NATO’s past actions against Serbia. The Carlson interview drew criticism from former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh and Adam Kinzinger, who both labeled him a “traitor” to the United States.

In summary, The New York Times highlighted Tucker Carlson’s controversial Carlson interview at an Iowa presidential forum and his tendency to sympathize with Russia’s perspective on Ukraine.

Carlson’s past praise for strong leaders and his recent actions in Hungary garnered criticism, with some labeling him a traitor for his views.

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