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Teen Arrested Springfield: Traffic Stop Reveals Loaded Firearm, Drugs, and Cash

A recent incident involving a teen arrested Springfield routine traffic stop that led to the discovery of a loaded gun, heroin, cocaine, and a significant amount of cash.

Springfield Authorities Make Significant Drug and Weapon Seizure Following Traffic Stop: Teen Arrested Springfield (Photo: Click Orlando)

Teen Arrested Springfield Traffic Stop Reveals Loaded Gun, Heroin, and Cash

Western Mass News – In a recent incident, the Springfield Police Department made a significant discovery during a routine traffic stop on Sunday evening. As the clock struck 7 p.m., officers noticed a vehicle traveling along Armory Street lacking a front license plate and inspection sticker. Acting promptly, the officers initiated a traffic stop, and Teen Arrested Springfield were immediately met with the pungent odor of marijuana.

Upon approaching the vehicle, teen arrested Springfield were met with an unmistakable odor of burnt marijuana. A closer inspection of the car’s interior revealed further evidence of illicit activities. The presence of multiple smoked roaches, a scale, plastic bags, and a substantial amount of cash suggested a potentially more serious situation than a simple traffic violation.

The driver, identified as 18-year-old Zaddiel Aponte-Perez, was taken into custody. However, the situation escalated when the 17-year-old passenger, involved in the incident of teen arrested Springfield, attempted to flee the scene with a bag in hand. Subsequent to his apprehension, police delved into the contents of the bag, uncovering a loaded firearm, an estimated 280 bags of heroin, cocaine, and a substantial sum of over $1,000 in cash.

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Teen Arrested Springfield Faces Array of Charges

Based on 22 News WWLP, the teen arrested Springfield, Zaddiel Aponte-Perez will be facing charges related to the violation of drug law, drug trafficking, number plate violation, and etc.

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