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Prosecutors Claims Russian Connections for Ex-FBI Informant – Bidens Scandal!

Bribery Scheme Accusations: Ex-FBI Informant Alexander Smirnov Detained in Las Vegas

Prosecutors Claims Russian Connections for Ex-FBI Informant- Bidens’ Scandal (PHOTO: ABC News)

Alleged Ties to Russian Intelligence Raise Concerns, Prosecutors Argue for Continued Detention

According to PBSO News Hour, Ex-FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, charged with fabricating a bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden and his son Hunter is held in Las Vegas amid allegations of ties to Russian intelligence. Prosecutors argue for his continued detention citing a flight risk. Ex-FBI informant Smirnov is accused of falsely reporting that Burisma paid $5 million each to Hunter and Joe Biden, a claim pivotal in the Republican impeachment inquiry.

Smirnov Admits Russian Contacts: Defense Seeks Release Amid Central Role in Republican Investigations

During an interview before his arrest, Ex-FBI informant Smirnov admitted that officials associated with Russian intelligence were involved in passing a story about Hunter Biden. Prosecutors highlighted recent and extensive contacts with Russian officials and Ex-FBI informant Smirnov’s planned meeting with one official during an upcoming overseas trip. Defense attorneys are seeking Ex-FBI informant Smirnov’s release while awaiting trial. The charges against Ex-FBI informant Smirnov have been central to Republican efforts to investigate President Biden and his family prompting a House impeachment inquiry.

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