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Hawaii Governor Proposes $25 ‘Climate Impact Fee’ for Tourists to Combat Wildfires and Protect Beaches

$25 ‘Climate Impact Fee’ Proposed for Tourists to Save Paradise

Hawaii Governor Proposes $25 ‘Climate Impact Fee’. (PHOTO: USA Today)

Tourism vs. Preservation: Hawaii Governor Pushes for $25 Fee to Shield Beaches and Forests

Governor Josh Green of Hawaii is proposing a $25 ‘climate impact fee’ on tourists staying in hotels or rentals to raise $68 million annually for protecting beaches and preventing wildfires according to Daily Mail. Supporters believe it’s a small cost for visitors to contribute to Hawaii’s preservation, but some in the tourism industry fear it could deter people from coming. A similar $50 fee idea failed last year prompting the governor to reintroduce the concept with the current climate impact fee proposal.

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Tourist Hotspots Unleash ‘Green Fees’ to Combat Environmental Challenges

Hawaii is not the only place thinking about making tourists pay for environmental projects. New Zealand charges about $21 from international visitors for conservation work. Greece has a new ‘climate crisis resilience fee’ instead of a hotel tax, ranging from $0.55 to about $11 depending on the season and hotel class. These fees aim to deal with problems like floods and wildfires caused by extreme weather. The idea in Hawaii is part of a bigger trend where tourist spots are looking for ways to fund projects to protect nature and handle disasters.

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