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Ikea’s Retro Furniture Drop Unveils Hidden Gems – Architect Reveals Bargains Worth Your Buck!

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The US Sun’s latest news is about Ikea’s recent release of retro furniture from its 1978 catalog has sparked excitement, with architect and interior designer @mariella_tzakis uncovering steals. Among her finds, a $15 Ackja lamp caught attention for its resemblance to high-end Flos lamps. Mariella’s insights into affordable chic pieces from Ikea’s nostalgic collection are making waves on social media.

Photo from House Digest

Retro Lighting Brilliance

@mariella_tzakis raves about the Ackja lamp, likening it to a pricey Flos lamp but at a fraction of the cost – only $15 at Ikea.

The bowl-shaped lamp, with a sleek design and a five-star rating, offers a budget-friendly alternative to its expensive dupe counterparts.

Ikea’s commitment to affordability shines, with customers needing to purchase the bulb separately for their nickel-plated Ackja table lamp.

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Affordable Nostalgia Finds

Mariella’s curated list includes a $79 side table reminiscent of high-end designs, offering a steal compared to alternatives costing thousands.

A $50 Holmosjö stool earns praise for its comfort, versatility, and unbeatable price, adding value to old Ikea collections.

Other discoveries include a stylish $150 Skogsbo chair, a $35 powder-coated steel seat, and a unique $50 hat and coat rack from Ikea’s 1978 catalog.

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