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Tragedy Unfolds at Minnesota Motel, Two Dead Including Shooter

Tragedy Unfolds at Minnesota Motel, Two Dead Including Shooter
Source: NewsTimes

A tranquil evening in Cloquet, Minnesota, took a grim turn as an active shooter unleashed violence at a Super 8 motel, leaving two people dead. Authorities were quick to issue an alert around 7 p.m., urging residents in the vicinity of Big Lake Road and Highway 33 to take shelter immediately. The unfolding incident prompted a swift response from law enforcement, plunging the small town into a state of fear and uncertainty.

Tragedy Unfolds at Minnesota Motel, Two Dead Including Shooter

Source: City of Bloomington MN

Suspected Shooter Found Dead, Lifting Shelter Orders

Ninety minutes of tension gripped the community until police announced the discovery of the suspected shooter’s lifeless body. The subsequent update assured residents that there was no ongoing threat, allowing the lifting of the shelter-in-place orders. The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office later confirmed the tragic toll, with two additional fatalities found at the Super 8 motel and a parked vehicle. As the community grapples with the shock, questions surrounding the motive for the attack remain unanswered.

Grief and Prayers Amidst Senseless Gun Violence

Expressions of grief and condolences flooded social media platforms, including a heartfelt post from Governor Tim Walz. In the wake of yet another incident of senseless gun violence, Gov. Walz extended his prayers to those affected and commended the law enforcement officers who swiftly responded to the crisis.

Tragedy Unfolds at Minnesota Motel, Two Dead Including Shooter

Source: PBS

The governor pledged the state’s unwavering support to local authorities as the community seeks solace in the aftermath of this tragic event. Cloquet, located 20 miles west of Duluth and partially within the Fond du Lac Indian Reservation, now faces the challenge of healing from this unexpected and devastating act of violence.

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