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Attempted Murder Charges for Suspect in Chicago Officer Shooting Following Prada Store Heist

Photo from Chicago-Sun Times

Deshawn Lucas, a 33-year-old individual, is now charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting a Chicago police officer after a crash-and-grab burglary at the Prada store in the Gold Coast. Despite sustaining severe injuries in a subsequent shootout with officers, Lucas is presently receiving medical care. The incident transpired when a Dodge Durango forcefully collided with the Prada store, prompting a rapid police response.

Photo from The Pantagraph

Advocacy for Improved Security Measures

City officials, led by Ald. Brian Hopkins, are actively promoting enhanced security measures in downtown retail establishments to deter similar vehicle-ramming thefts. The proposal involves the installation of security bollards to discourage recurring offenses targeting stores along Oak Street and Michigan Avenue.

Hopkins stressed the immediacy of securing downtown areas, stating, “We believe it’s something retailers will endorse.” The push for heightened security measures comes in response to persistent vehicle-ramming incidents affecting stores in the Gold Coast.

The incident has raised apprehensions about the safety of upscale retail districts, prompting officials to address weaknesses in the current security framework.

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Security Concerns in Downtown

Before the shootout, Lucas actively engaged in the burglary, absconding with numerous items from the Prada store, as outlined in police reports. The suspect, with a history of criminal activity, is also sought on a U.S. Marshals’ warrant related to a gun case.

The injured police officer, struck in the leg, received medical treatment at

and was discharged on the same day. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability is presently investigating the incident.

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