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Winter Storm Alert: Preparing for Hazardous Conditions

The National Weather Service has issued a warning for an impending winter storm set to strike overnight on Monday, February 12, and persist into Tuesday afternoon, February 13. According to meteorologists, travel during this period could be notably challenging, with hazardous conditions likely to impact Tuesday’s morning commute. AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Matt Rinde underscores the … Read more

Winter Storms Claim 72 Lives Across the U.S. as Treacherous Conditions Persist

As relentless winter storms persist across the United States for over a week, the toll on lives has reached at least 72, officials report. The sweeping winter weather alerts affected around 57 million people on Monday, as freezing rain gripped the Midwest and Southern regions, impacting residents in eastern Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas. Ongoing … Read more

Winter Storm Leaves Trail of Devastation in Eastern US, Claiming Lives and Triggering Floods

A robust winter storm has wreaked havoc across the eastern United States, claiming the lives of at least five people and inducing widespread flooding. The storm, which pounded through the region, has left over 150,000 households without power, with New York state and Pennsylvania bearing the brunt of its force. Flood warnings remain in effect … Read more

Winter Storm Ravages Central U.S. Post-Christmas: Flight Delays, Blizzard Conditions, and Tragedy Unfold

The central United States grappled with the aftermath of a relentless winter storm on the day following Christmas, leaving a trail of disruptions, delays, and tragic incidents in its wake. Harsh Winter Strikes North Dakota and Colorado In North Dakota, residents faced an unusual ice storm that sealed windows shut, turning everyday activities into challenging … Read more

Thundersnow and Whiteouts: Winter Weather Sweeps Across the US

As winter weather spreads across many parts of the United States, an unusual meteorological phenomenon known as thundersnow has manifested itself. Residents experience something unusual and a little shocking when thunder and lightning combine with falling snow, a phenomenon known as thundersnow. Whiteouts Make Driving More Difficult Whiteout conditions provide residents and travellers¬†with an additional … Read more