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Tax Day Tips: Expert CPA Shares Key Strategies for First-Time Filers to Avoid Mistakes and Speed Up Refunds!

Common Tax Day Tips Reporting Unemployment Income According to the Street, As tax day gets closer many Americans who are filing their taxes for the first time are feeling stressed about it. Dan Geltrude who is a CPA and runs Geltrude and Company recently gave some really helpful tax day tips in an interview with … Read more

Beat the Clock and File Your 2023 Returns Today – Tax Time Ticker!

IRS Begins Processing Filings Late Tax Documents Raise Concerns for Taxpayers According to The Street, file your 2023 returns and the IRS started processing tax filings on January 29, 2024. People can begin filing their taxes right away. If you haven’t received your necessary tax forms by late February 2024, that’s a reason to be … Read more

Dependents Equal Tax Savings: A Helping Hand for Family Finances

Qualifying for Dependents Equal Tax Savings Tax Breaks for Dependents Accoring to The Street, Lisa Greene-Lewis a tax expert from TurboTax, recently talked about how people taking care of kids, elderly parents, or other family members can save money on taxes. She explained that dependents which can be kids or other relatives, can help you … Read more