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Southern California Slingshot Saga: 81-Year-Old ‘Ball Bearing Bandit’ Brought to Justice After 10-Year Reign of Terror

Southern California Terrorizing Neighborhood for Years Justice Finally Served: Police Catch Slingshot Bandit According to the Washington times, For nearly 10 years, a mysterious assailant terrorized a Southern California neighborhood by breaking windows and car windshields with a slingshot, with the 81-year-old culprit coming close to hitting Americans with his ball bearings. Despite the prolonged … Read more

Three Cliffside Mansions in Southern California Deemed Safe After Landslide

In Southern California, three luxurious homes perched on the edge of a cliff in Dana Point have survived a harrowing ordeal as a landslide threatened their stability. Despite the alarming collapse of a significant portion of the cliff beneath them, authorities have deemed the multimillion-dollar properties safe for habitation. Safety Concerns Over Landslides in Southen … Read more

Tropical Storm Hilary Updates: Forecasters Issued A “Life-Threatening” Flood Warning In California

After its landfall in Mexico, Tropical Storm Hilary now batters California. Tropical Storm Hilary, which made landfall in Mexico earlier on Sunday, has now entered California, where it is wreaking havoc with powerful gusts, copious rain, and the prospect of catastrophic, potentially fatal floods. As of 4 p.m., Tropical Storm Hilary, which had been a … Read more