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Nebraska’s Most Dangerous Cities 2024: Crime Hotspots Revealed

Nebraska's Most Dangerous Cities 2024: Crime Hotspots Revealed

North Platte Tops the List In a recent report by RoadSnacks, the most dangerous cities in Nebraska for 2024 have been unveiled, shedding light on areas grappling with rising crime rates. Topping the list is North Platte, a city with remnants of the wild west’s lawlessness. Despite its historical charm, North Platte ranks third in … Read more

Nebraska Tax Credits: Over $400 Million Unclaimed Raises Concerns

Nebraska Tax Credits: Over $400 Million Unclaimed Raises Concerns

Nebraska taxpayers are missing out on a significant sum—more than $400 million in unclaimed property tax credits since Tax Year 2020. This revelation, brought to light by an investigation, has sparked concerns among state officials and policymakers.   The property tax credit system, approved by lawmakers in 2020, was designed to provide homeowners with relief … Read more

North Platte Tops List as Nebraska’s Most Dangerous City in 2024: RoadSnacks Report

According to a recent report by RoadSnacks, North Platte has claimed the dubious title of being the most dangerous city in Nebraska for the year 2024. The report, which analyzed data from the FBI’s crime report, highlighted concerning trends in violent and property crimes across the state. With a population of approximately 23,523, North Platte … Read more

Ashland Man Receives Prison Sentence for Child Pornography Conviction

A 21-year-old man from Ashland, Nebraska, has been sentenced to prison following his conviction for receiving and distributing child pornography. Conner Chapman was handed a 120-month prison term along with a five-year supervised release period by U.S. Attorney Susan Lehr in federal court in Omaha. Chapman’s conviction stemmed from an investigation initiated after Nebraska’s Internet … Read more

Nebraska Governor Reverses Decision, Accepts Federal Funding to Feed Hungry Children

After facing significant pressure from lawmakers, community members, and a bipartisan group of high school students, Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen has reversed his decision to reject federal funding aimed at combating childhood hunger during the summer break. The reversal comes as a relief to many, particularly those concerned about food insecurity among low-income families in … Read more

Omaha, Nebraska, Crime, Michael Myers Mask, Robbery, Hammer Attack

A 20-year-old man and a 17-year-old female are in custody after allegedly robbing multiple victims while wearing a Michael Myers mask and attacking them with a hammer in a series of chilling incidents. The Omaha Police Department received several distress calls on the evening of October 23, reporting robberies and suspicious activities in the area … Read more

Most Dangerous Cities In Nebraska | Where Danger Lurks

Unveil some of the most dangerous cities in Nebraska. Nebraska is one of the states in the American Midwest region that is entirely surrounded by land. A significant amount of Nebraska’s economy is based on agriculture which produces crops and livestocks. However, there are certain most dangerous cities in Nebraska that travelers should be wary … Read more